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Are you healthy

Since its establishment in 1964, the Korea Association of
Health Promotion has built up unfaltering trust by 

providing customer centered public and medical health services
for enhancement of health and improvement of quality
of people's lives.
We offer health promotion services including health 
screening for early detection of diseases health care services, and
public health education on practicing of healthy life in order to
prevent diseases centered through
health promotion centers at the 16 provincial and city branches
nationwide. Moreover, we are making contributions
towards enhancement of health equality of our society with the active
participation in public health projects at home and abroad.

Under present circumstances in which chronic diseases
are proliferating and progress towards aged society is being expedited,
‘maintain and promoting health’ is the most important issue.
Korea Association of Health Promotion will contribute to enhance
our health through diversified and excellent health promotion services.
Moreover, we shall always put our
utmost efforts to fulfill the mission given to us for enhancement of our health.
We shall endeavor to become the Korea Association of Health Promotion shall endeavor to become sincere to our fundamentals.
Thank you very much. Be healthy.

President of Korea Association of Health Promotion

Chai, Jong-Yil