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Significance of MEDI CHECK


  • - MEDI (interim)+CHECK
  • - The first medical health check-up brand
  • - Specialized health promotion services provided by
    Korea Association of Health Promotion


All the staffs and executives of the Korea Association of Health Promotion recognize that health is an important factor in
improvement of quality of life, and pledge as follows in order to make contributions towards accomplishment of healthy and happy society through health promotion education, medical health check-up and social contributions:

  • - We shall perform the role of health guide that provides proper health information in order to improve the level of awareness of all the people on their health.
  • - We shall present means of practicing healthy life and entice people to practice them habitually in order for them to sustain healthy life by removing health risk factors of the people.
  • - We shall equip ourselves with outstanding medical staffs and the best health examination equipment in order for people to receive customized high quality medical health check-up.
  • - We shall enable infants and youth to grow with excellent health by providing health experience learning and appropriate medical health check-up program for them.
  • - We shall put our utmost efforts to establish society filled with warmth in which we all live in harmony by assertively implementing social contribution activities aimed at less fortunate neighbors.

We shall provide customer-centered medical health check-up and health management services that customers would find satisfactory through sufficient explanations and exhaustive follow-up management that are appropriate for the level of the customers, and put our utmost efforts in respecting the rights of the customers including strictest confidentiality on the outcome of the medical check-up.
Through above efforts, we shall endeavor to win the trust and love of people by fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations.