Medical Health check-up

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Day before the medical health check-up


  • Avoid drinking and fatty food 2~3 days prior to the medical health check-up.
  • Morning medical check-up: Have light meal until 7PM and fast after 9PM on the day before the medical check-up.
  • Afternoon medical check-up: Fast from 12 midnight on the day before the medical check-up.
  • Strictly avoid drinking water, chewing gum, candies and cigarettes during the fasting period.


  • If possible, do not take the drugs that you usually take for 2~3 days prior to the medical check-up
  • Since endoscopic biopsy or removal of polypus is accompanied by risk of hemorrhage, those planning to receive endoscopic examination must stop taking anti-thrombus agent about a week prior to check-up.

※ However, those suffering from stroke, thrombosis, cardiac disorder or pulmonary disease, or those who were subjected to surgery and hospitalization treatment during the last 3 months should make decision for examination after having made confirmation through home doctor whether it is safe to stop taking drugs that can elevate the risk of hemorrhage.


  • For collection of feces, place feces with size equivalent to a chestnut (1/3) of the vessel provided) into the vessel for collection on the day before or on the day of medical health check-up.
  • Store the feces collected in cool location in order to increase the level of accuracy of examination.
  • Ensure that the feces and menstruation blood do not mix during menstruation period.

Female (addition)

  • Contents of examination may be limited if the subject is in menstruation period.
  • All women in their reproductively active period must confirm whether they are pregnant or not prior to making reservation for medical check-up

On the day of the medical health check-up

Administration of drugs

  • Blood pressure drug : Consume blood pressure drug before 6AM on the day of medical health check-up with minimum of water. However, those planning to undergo gastrointestinal imaging should just bring the drug without taking it.
  • Diabetic drug : Avoid taking insulin or diabetic drug in the morning of the day of medical health check-up.


  • Do not take any food as well as smoking cigarette or chewing gums.
  • Make sure to bring application form for medical health check-up, certificate of reservation and feces container.
  • Do not wear accessories and precious personal items since there is risk of losing them. Please bring eye glasses or contact lens (measurement of corrected eyesight)


  • Please arrive at the clinic at least 20 minutes prior to reservation time wearing simple clothing to ensure smooth medical health check-up.
  • Those planning to receive lower abdominal examination (prostate gland, bladder and ovary) should come to the hospital without urinating in the morning and delaying urination as much as possible.
  • Those planning to undergo conscious sedation endoscopy, please use public transportation (accompanied by guardian) as self-driving is impossible on the day.
  • Those who are in menstruation period must revisit the hospital for gynecologic and urine test later.