Key Project

  • Public health education
  • Health promotion
  • Social contribution
  • Survey and Research
  • International exchange

Public health education project

Korea Association of Health Promotion is executing public classes on health management, health campaign, prevention of smoking and anti-smoking campaigns in order to make the importance of healthy life be known widely to people and to induce practicing of healthy life, and is publishing and distributing public health education materials in order to provide proper health information.


Public relations activities to induce practicing of healthy life

  • Operation of health management experience booth by participating in various festivals, events and exhibitions
  • Unfolding of campaign to induce practicing of healthy life
  • Event projects including literary composition on anti-smoking and open competition on UCC for prevention of obesity aimed at proliferation of healthy environment

Publication and distribution of public health education and materials to people

  • Execution of public health education in relations to prevention of disease and practicing of healthy life
  • pen class for general public
  • Screen class using internet and TV
  • Classes using newspaper and magazines
  • Public health education for school and workplaces

Operation of health clinic

  • Execution of work agreement for enhancement of health of public servants with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, and National Policy Agency
  • Operation of permanent health and anti-smoking clinic within the government offices (central, Daejeon and Gwangju) and National Policy Agency
  • Provision of health management services and support for programs aimed at practicing health life for daily habitual disease risk groups