Key Project

  • Public health education
  • Health promotion
  • Social contribution
  • Survey and Research
  • International exchange

Health promotion project

Korea Association of Health Promotion is executing diverse range of medical health check-ups aimed at early detection of diseases through the medical health check-up centers located in 16 cities and provincial branches of the Association throughout the country. We are also supporting health promotion programs through consultation center for practicing of healthy life in order to induce improvement into proper lifestyle for prevention of diseases and high risk groups of diseases. Moreover, we are operating parasite museum aimed at prevention and management of parasitic infection.

Medical health check-up

  • Execution of medical health check-up for early detection of diseases (approximately 3 million persons per annum)
  • Individual and customized medical health check-up in accordance with the characteristics of each age and social classes
  • Medical health check-up and early medical examination of national cancer by the National Health Insurance Corporation

Prevention and management of parasitic infection

  • Survey of actual status of and execution of administration of drugs for treatment of infection by liver fluke for the residents
  • living in river valleys of the 4 major rivers
  • Operation of parasite museum for preventive education for parasitic infection

Operation of consultation center for practicing of healthy life

  • Specialized consultations on issues including anti-smoking, moderate drinking, nutrition, exercise, stress and management of obesity
  • Support for diverse range of programs for practicing of healthy life including management of metabolic syndrome Consultation on dietary habits of high risk group for and patients of daily habitual disease
  • Consultation on practicing of healthy life in accordance with the characteristics of each age bracket and disease